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“I now walk into the wild”

Into the wild


Jon Krakauer’s Into the Wild documented the tragic death of Christopher McCandless, who have become known as the infamous ranger of the great Alaskan north, aka “Alexander Supertramp”. Unlike other literary works, Into the Wild rings to me as a wake up call. Jon Krakauer exhibited McCandless as a character that protests the way our generation have evolved into; a generation that applauds “superficiality” to truth and simplicity. Let me just outline my personal reasons on why this book (or perhaps the movie) should be in one of your check lists: Continue reading


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“Candide” de Voltaire 1759


Have you ever wish that you could can combine all your daily “life-lines” into one single object? For example, imagine having your phone, wallet, iPod, metrocard, credit card, school ID and perhaps even the keys to your house in a simple-ultralight-sleek gadget. Wouldn’t that make everyone’s life a lot more easier to handle? Well, this is of course debatable but let’s not digress so much into this subject. Unlike technology however, there is something more profound that we all seem to desire … Continue reading

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Nineteen Eighty Four


The pursuit for a perfect society has always been the ultimate human desire, where inequality, poverty, and repression are alleviated from the face of the earth. Throughout history however, the road to achieving a Utopian society is a problem in itself. Continue reading

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