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“I now walk into the wild”

Into the wild


Jon Krakauer’s Into the Wild documented the tragic death of Christopher McCandless, who have become known as the infamous ranger of the great Alaskan north, aka “Alexander Supertramp”. Unlike other literary works, Into the Wild rings to me as a wake up call. Jon Krakauer exhibited McCandless as a character that protests the way our generation have evolved into; a generation that applauds “superficiality” to truth and simplicity. Let me just outline my personal reasons on why this book (or perhaps the movie) should be in one of your check lists: Continue reading


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George Parr’s Last Laugh – The Subprime Mortgage

The Subprime Mortgage crisis that began in the US has affected the stability of the financial world. There are already a lot of ink spilled in trying to explain the causes of the Subprime meltdown, but here is another way of explaining what really happened in a more layman’s terms. George Parr’s views on the Subprime is comical and are unbearably true!

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I can’t believe I bailed out on a free pass to see the screening of this film and was willing to forget all about it. Little that I know … this film became my favorite of the month. It could even possibly be the greatest for the next months to come. Juno is a witty-teeny young girl who became the victim of her own burning desires; a time when we all begin to discover the attraction of the other sex.

Juno was clearly not ready to have this baby. She knew it the day she conceived it. So, she decided to give the baby for adoption.

One thing that I like to find in a film is the dialogs. There are only a few hand of films that I can say meet the standard of “unique,” not necessarily different but something that one can really relate to. That connection could be an exact imitation of some people around us or simply the fact that their conversation is unbearably true. To name a few, take for example Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs and Kill Bill I & II and Coffee and Ciggarettes by Jim Jarmusch these films are known for how real the characters try to communicate (to you). Things are said in a subtle, direct, and possibly the way you would say things in your mundane life. In the film Juno, you do get the same feeling. Its truth and insincerity of her language is certainly one of a kind. Juno is that type of friend that everyone would fall for …

Go see it!

b Dj.

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“Candide” de Voltaire 1759


Have you ever wish that you could can combine all your daily “life-lines” into one single object? For example, imagine having your phone, wallet, iPod, metrocard, credit card, school ID and perhaps even the keys to your house in a simple-ultralight-sleek gadget. Wouldn’t that make everyone’s life a lot more easier to handle? Well, this is of course debatable but let’s not digress so much into this subject. Unlike technology however, there is something more profound that we all seem to desire … Continue reading

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