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The Felice Brothers

I realized that I have a certain obsession towards musicians that brings melancholic sounds and stories the world tend to ignore. The Felice Brothers is the band that I accidentaly stumbled. The band is originated from NY Catskills and is dubbed as the modern Bob Dylan. I am absolutely psyched to listen to these guys. Probably the best thing I’ve ever heard in years.

Here’s the testimonials:

”This is real Americana.” –Sean E/ESE Entertainment

“I love those boys.” –Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

“The best new music I’ve heard all year.” –Jimmy Buff/Radio Woodstock

“No one is doing what Felice is doing.” –BBC Radio/Londonb Dj.


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Soekarno vs. Soeharto – WS Rendra

I received a chain email about writings of W.S. Rendra, one of the most prominent poets probably in the history of Indonesia, that I find it absolutely fascinating. For long, I have tried to express my opinion on the recent death of Indonesia’s former president Suharto but cannot express it as eloquently as he did. My patriotism crumbled knowing that the democracy that we claimed to achieve is nothing but a hypocrisy of the the New Order (orde baru). I am utterly disgusted by the excessive mourning that the media had portrayed; it was more than lamenting, it was as if Indonesians are unconsciously glorifying the culture of the old days where corruption and nepotism were the sole rule of the jungle. Continue reading

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