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Colombia … Here I Come!

There is still a week to go before my departure but I cannot help and imagine what South America will actually look like. When I think of South America … I hear the words of Gabriel Garcia Marquez … so vivid, surreal and magical! I can already feel the magic now … and hopefully I can bring it back with me later.

Like most people on a trip, I want to make the most out of my time. I want to find something that I can’t probably find anywhere else. It’s got to be distinct and special. I need to be as remote as I can possibly be.

Not that I consistently update my blog, but it’s going to be a while until I have a substantial ‘reporting’ materials to share about my trip. I would love to drop a note or update some photos, but that is not a promise, as internet access may be highly restricted.

I kind of have an idea of what I will be doing there, although not entirely. I am quiet a flexible person anyway, as long as I have a certain things to carry with me, I should be totally fine. Without further ado … here is the to do lists:

Travel Necessities:

  • Journal
  • Spanish language phrase book
  • Travel Guide: Colombia
  • Crime and Punishment
  • 35mm camera
  • iPod
  • Cruiser board
  • An open mind …


  • Pereira
  • Medellin
  • Bogota
  • San Andres
  • Providencia
  • Cartagena

Total time: 23 Days

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