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Sho Ma 1982-2007

“My idea is an idea that can never be an idea, a language that can never be understood by none, but can be understood by all” – Sho Ma
Here is the video that Jeremy Cohen put together for Sho’s memorial last year. Some people have requested me to post this video since it is not on any sites, except perhaps for metrospective.com. Its a lovely clip that shows all of his influences in art, skateboarding, and mostly what he has done for all of us. For Sho!
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Indonesia 2007



I finally decided to write a journal about my trip to Indonesia. Although Its quite unusual on my part to share my personal stories to others, it should serve as an experience to see how people would react. Anyway, the fact that I have been away from the motherland for quite sometime, I realized that many aspects had incrementally changed my stand on things, especially my perspective on Indonesia. I do not question the scope of my alternation but I would rather feel it grow naturally within me.

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The Science of Sleep

“When people are very original, sometimes they are original as a way to resist the mainstream” 

Michel. Gondry



After the success of The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Michel Gondry have once again stunned us with an unusual combination of life and the power of dreams. The film was created with a unique approach that incorporates claymation and green-screen effects. 

The films stars a well known talent, Gael Garcia Bernal, who played a unique individual with the ability to recreate his reality in dreams, which then led him to a sequential imaginations of love.


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“We Spartans have descended from Hercules himself. Taught never to retreat, never to surrender. Taught that death in the battlefield is the greatest glory he could achieve in his life”




Frank Millers’ new graphic novel tales one of the gory wars between Greece and the lords of Persia. The film highlights the audacity of 300 Greek soldiers, led by King Leonidas who defies the ruthless Persian empire from ruling Greece.


For some of you who admire the artwork in Sin City, where the cinematography is filled with high contrast colors, will really find this film quite similar. It makes it seems as if comic books are becoming real animated characters. 

You certainly learn something from this film since it shows a significant moment in ancient Greek history. The battle against the Persians was indeed lost, but the bravery of the 300 Spartan soldiers inspired the unity of the Greece from foreign exploitation.

I find this film quite idealistic poured with Western believes of freedom, equality, and “happiness”. Perhaps a cliché in most epic films. There is certainly nothing wrong with that, but I am concern with how the film portrays the Persian nation. Persia have vastly attributed to modern medicinal science, art, and a culture that subsequently influenced others. I am afraid that those who are not familiar with Persian history might take this film with the wrong conclusion.

I am not surprised with how Hollywood glorifies Western history. We have seen it in films like Troy and  Alexander. But with more epic films coming out of Hollywood, I long for a film that breaks away from this predictable pattern. A film intended to tell a story from the peripheral perspective. 

Only then … can history be told.  

b Dj.

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Once upon a time in Philly …



Brewed the coffee that morning, threw myself in the shower and dressed up for the daily routine. My day begins …

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